Vilseriol! A Fault Milestone One/Two Review


“Be angry. Understand where you are in this world… and think – discern – where you ought to focus that anger of yours.”

Because I have this tendency to marathon games, I can’t seem to find the right reason to review games with sequels separately (just like my previous Trails post) so ta-dah! Another post where I will try to make sense as I can because I’m writing about two games. (°ヮ°)

I’ve played the first Fault months ago but…stopped for unknown reasons. But I have seen many praises about this work and  I decided to give it another go. I’ve been on a visual novel streak lately! So the next time I started a new save file with Fault, I wasn’t able to stop myself from reading up to the sequel (hence I suffer from the 2 games, 1 post cup) I hope you do not get that reference.

Be wary! Spoilers lurk in the shadows.

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Pizza cake! – Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC/SC Review


– Estelle Bright for Best Main Protagonist 2KXX

I first played the first chapter of TitS (heh) when it was first released on the Playstation Portable console. The Legend of Heroes series wasn’t a title I was fond of even after playing Tear of Vermillion (which was god awful slow I remembered losing a quarter of my life back then) so Trails in the Sky made me “eh” for a bit before starting.

Before you smack me in the face, let me just say that I love JRPGs and invest quite some time with them, but I do tend to get picky. This one got my attention because of the cover (blue sky!). So after reading a lot of reviews, listening to people nag (at how good the game is), pushing myself to get this over with, and that craving to play a good JRPG in a long while, I finally opened the darn game…

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Do it for Baehee! – A Mystic Messenger Review


Date hot guys, you say? I only see that gorgeous being standing in the middle.

This will not be a full review of the game, but simply a quick write up of my experience playing Mystic Messenger, and how it somehow ruined my life for 11 days.

Oh, I’ve managed to get out of the hot boys hell in case you feel like asking.

If you’re not familiar with the game, Mystic Messenger (also known as Susanghan Messenger) is a surprisingly unique otome game made by Cheritz. You play a character who downloaded an app from some mysterious source, and an “Unknown” person conveniently contacts you afterward and instructs you to visit an address…

…and it turns out that your character just ninja’d her way through the secret chatroom of the RFA (aka. Rika’s Fundraising Assoc.); a group full of hot people with serious personality issues. I’m not kidding.

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