Vilseriol! A Fault Milestone One/Two Review


“Be angry. Understand where you are in this world… and think – discern – where you ought to focus that anger of yours.”

Because I have this tendency to marathon games, I can’t seem to find the right reason to review games with sequels separately (just like my previous Trails post) so ta-dah! Another post where I will try to make sense as I can because I’m writing about two games. (°ヮ°)

I’ve played the first Fault months ago but…stopped for unknown reasons. But I have seen many praises about this work and  I decided to give it another go. I’ve been on a visual novel streak lately! So the next time I started a new save file with Fault, I wasn’t able to stop myself from reading up to the sequel (hence I suffer from the 2 games, 1 post cup) I hope you do not get that reference.

Be wary! Spoilers lurk in the shadows.

20161223102237_1My thoughts exactly, Selphine

20161218115449_1Bokephine and Tsukkitona


Fault is a kinetic visual novel and tells the story of Princess Selphine and her trustworthy, childhood friend slash love interest slash guardian Ritona as they travel from the other side of the world to get back to their homeland.


The first Fault starts in Rughzenhaide and we see the kingdom getting swallowed in flames. We also see a group of powerful assailants breaching the castle and looking for the princess. As the crown burns from top to bottom, our two heroines manage to survive the brutal onslaught by desperately teleporting themselves out of harm’s way. When they come to, the two find themselves mysteriously standing on foreign soil and soon they realize that they’ve been whisked to the Outer Pole, a land destitute of mana and a place where people salvage the remaining mana source they have left and develop them into what they call “science”.

That’s…technically the worse thing that can happen. As they try to get information about their current whereabout, an enigmatic character who calls herself “Rune” approaches the pair and offers her assistance. What could possibly go wrong again?

Oh right… the Outer Pole is seriously bad for people who are mana dependent and long exposure can lead to a “mana shock (which can technically kill a person), so Ritona and Selphine must find a way to leave the place as soon as possible.


One thing that somewhat surprised me with this game is the number of terminologies it’s going to feed you the first twenty minutes. While I think it’s a somewhat slow and a good way to get the fantasy world building thing going, it might irk a few casual readers with the jargons especially noting how Fault operates in a nature of its own. It uses the words “manakravte”, “aeroratum”, “Sekqule” to name a few which can be a mouthful and might take a while to get used to.Luckily, the game has an encyclopedia where players can access known terminologies.

Luckily, the game has an encyclopedia where players can access known terminologies anytime as they progress in the game.


Before I came to appreciate Fault as it is, I’m not going to lie that I expected a bit of Fate/Stay Night action in this game especially with the mana crafting and all and how thorough the writers are with the language of the characters and their antics. The prologue and the opening sequence didn’t help lessen my expectations either. I’m gonna say it now…while Fault, initially, introduces itself in a heavy fantasy fashion, the first two games focus more on personal conflict and drama. If you keep the same expectation (like I did), you won’t be able to fully accept this game as it is as the drama drags on until milestone 2 side: above.

Storywise, I feel like the game is still in the process of fleshing itself fully. I don’t see any concrete conflict yet on the both of the games and I’m giving this series the benefit of the doubt as it operates in “episodes” (or milestones). There are many questions that are left unanswered especially the initial appearance of the terrorists in the first game, led by a powerful kravter called Melano. Exactly, what are their true intentions? If Melano can time hax the game (as seen in the introduction of side: above), killing Selphine is an easy task but she’s obviously letting them travel back home. New characters, some notes to be important,  are introduced in the second game and they added more questions to the existing pile. But, I doubt Fault will propel itself to ending abruptly as it treads its narration, its characters, its world and lore slowly and with care, which I personally think is the charm.

ALSO, WHO ARE THOSE TWO KIDS IN THE PROLOGUE?! I’m guessing it’s Melano basing from the sprite color but whyyyyyy and hooooowwww?

Both of the games, however, explore philosophical and social issues like urbanization, discrimination, social ranking, sense of entitlement which are mostly heavily implied in the second game. After Rune joins the party, we start seeing the struggle on what it means to be human in a world full of flaws.



Fault has a bunch of colorful characters but the three main characters are all charming and interesting in their own right and they deserve a spot here.

Ritona Reighnvhasta

  • Babysitter
  • Edgy tsukkomi
  • Possibly ghey (Please be ghey)

Ritona has been Selphine’s friend/guardian ever since childhood. She’s a talented battlekravter but prone to making snarky remarks which somewhat betrays her external demeanor. Despite being a great fighter, she almost met her demise by nearly choking on her saliva after failing to comprehend Selphine’s antics.

Best brunette so far with Melano closing to second place. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Selphine Rughzenhaide

  • Energizer bunny
  • Bubbly boke
  • Secretly a badass

Selphine is your most required “genki” princess with somewhat fresh sensibilities. She contrasts Ritona by being the sunshine in the group. She’s a glutton that can put a restaurant out of business.

She is the reason why Fault milestone two side: above is the best between the two released games. You can’t tell me otherwise.


  • Cries easily
  • Super Saiyan

Rune, like Selphine, is another energy source of the party. After befriending this moe specimen, she becomes a really valuable companion, even offering science as another alternative solution to make their travel a bit easier (much to the delight of Ritona and Selphine).

Looks way better in a high pony. +1 point to Alice in Dissonance for this appearance

Music/Visual Elements

20161228180230_1Mofo badass I don’t even

I really believe this is where Fault really shines and an aspect that made me love this game so much. I can’t even count the number of times I experienced glorious eyegasm (and nearly putting me to a coma).

Fault uses an anime art style with vivid colors and an obvious use of various tones and shades that make both the characters and world pop out. The backgrounds are detailed to the core and each character asset blends so well on them during dialogues. I also like the way this game uses transitions from one scene to another. It wasn’t as noticeable in the first game but the technical aspects in the second game were darn amazing. I’m not lying if I tell you now that Fault, as a visual novel, feels quite like reading and watching an anime altogether.

Both games use a simple user interface. As soon as you start the game, you are greeted by an opening sequence and a start screen with an animated background accompanied by a melody that is really catchy and nostalgic and full of feels. Most of the menus can also be accessed in-game (just like in any other visual novels).

The OST is bloody amazing like the art. The soundtrack totally captures the mood of each scenario, from the melancholic melody during a heartwarming scene to the titillating track of a foreboding action adds flavor to the narrative and successfully immerses the reader. The tune that automatically plays on the start menu is my favorite.

I swear to the high heavens that Fault is trying to be a benchmark of VN quality and it looks like it’s going to reach that soon.


20161225105035_120161225105712_1I dunno, I kinda SQUEALED or something after this scene?

I will definitely, and strongly recommend Fault Milestone One and Two. It’s an excellent game that is full of promise. Despite being a short read (5-7 hours max), it leaves a satisfying experience that can make you hungry for more.

20161221103543_1Nice one, AiD. Really clever. 

If there’s one disappointing aspect that I can say about this is that both games lack voice acting especially considering how recent visual novels in the market have voices, it’s that area where Fault falls a bit flat. Although voice casting is subjective to a reader’s preference. But, eh, if you’re good with that, get it! Get it now!

Also, one year wait for each milestone. Let’s be masochist together! (ʘ‿ʘ)

Where to buy?
Steam (fault milestone one)

Steam (fault milestone two: side above)

Become a Patron!


Story – 7/10
Characters – 8/10
Art – 9/10
Music – 9/10
Yousoro! Level – 8/10

I’d rate this 10/10 if only they give Ritona a seiyuu 


5 thoughts on “Vilseriol! A Fault Milestone One/Two Review

    • Ah, fresh meat! Is there any genre that you enjoy? I can make other suggestions for you.

      But yeah, try this one. It’s a bit cheap and you can get both games in Steam (with the OST if you purchase the bundle).


  1. I enjoyed both games, too! The ending of the second one seemed a bit abrupt for me, though.

    I’m so worried for Ritona, aaaaa. The next Milestone can’t come out fast enough.

    Great review! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I bawled like a baby when I read the ending of the first game. :((

      Side above was okay and Selphine carried it in epic proportions. Ditto. They better tell that she’ll be fine and whatever she is suffering is temporary else RIP D:

      Third game kudasaaaii

      Liked by 1 person

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