Love Live! Premium Figure – Maki Nishikino

unboxing-template-2Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Manufacturer: SEGA
Sculptor: Yamaki
Materials: ABS, PVC

(Information is taken from the MyFigureCollection website)

Maki has the qualities of a tsundere and has a hard time admitting her true feelings to her peers. She also has somewhat childish beliefs due to the group finding out that she still believes in Santa Claus. Maki is also quite stubborn.

Maki is skilled at playing the piano, and is the composer of the group. Her other hobbies are photography and stargazing. (Source)

I’m not sure if I mentioned it already but I was planning on buying a Maki of the same figure series sometime before the year ends so that she can accompany my Honoka (which has made my office table her home). Luckily, there was a toy convention that was held last December and it had a lot of novelties, from anime figures, plush to western, superhero toys.

Obviously, someone will be selling Love Liveeeee—?!


Weirdly enough, I got this one for $25 which is a bit cheaper than Honoka. But, just like the other figures in this SEGA series (and yes the idea of buying them ALL haunted me once), the quality of the figure is still obviously apparent despite being a bit on the cheap side. Nicely done paint job. The details are there. It’s Maki so all is right in the world.


Now I finally understand why the base is shaped like a hexagon.

At first, I thought it was intentionally sculpted like that to make it look clever (as in idol clever?) so I didn’t mind it as I’m used to circular bases. But, it was indeed clever enough because I was able to easily squeeze her right next to Honoka without the two of them looking so awkward together. The shape was able to save me some space so that’s a point.


I kinda adore Maki’s pose here. She looks so refined with her hand near her chin, and her index finger bent just a bit below her lower lip. Ojou-sama much? While her posture doesn’t scream or as jumpy as Honoka’s, I find it more tasteful and so in-line with her personality and her rich girl status. I’d also be lying if I say that I wasn’t “observing” her legs because they’re the most noticeable part in this prize figure. They’re shapely… and weirdly smooth?

Maki’s outfit is faithful to the reference image. I dig the elegant looking hat and the amount of black ribbons she has. They all make a nice contrast with her character color. Although, I noticed her overall getup is less noisy and not as flamboyant or full of tiny details like Honker’s dress.

Also, her skirt is so much shorter?! (ʘᗩʘ’)




*inside fangirl scream*



I was too excited to unbox this figure the moment I got my grubby hands on the box that I didn’t wait to get my background done before I took pictures. Behold! Computer cables and bunch of random crap aka. my messy office existence!

This will be the last in this series as I have no intention of collecting the others. (Don’t tempt me, tiny voices in my head!) When you get the waifu, you stop with the waifu.

Anyway, I’ll be honest that even though it sits on a $25-$30 price range, the SEGA premium figures is a real delight and I’m really satisfied with the quality of both. If you’re a fan of Love Live or just a collector in general, you should give this figure line a try.

LL! School Idol Project Second Season OP

Where to buy?

Ami Ami
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Hobby Link Japan


5 thoughts on “Love Live! Premium Figure – Maki Nishikino

  1. Good taste in waifu~

    I see your grubby hands also couldn’t resist checking our Maki’s legs (but who can blame you? Anyone would’ve done the same)

    Nothing wrong with the office experience, eitherrrr

    Now you should feel inspired to do design work for months to come, woo!

    Thanks for sharing! c:


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