Year End Wrap-Up: All I Want for 2017 is You!


First, I want to greet everyone a happy new year! I hope you guys had a wonderful year! 2017 is here and it’s another moment to conquer.

Me? I didn’t do anything special aside from cleaning, making toast (really) and playing games the whole time while waiting for the fireworks. I did think of things that I want to accomplish for the new year so I guess it’s somewhat not that uneventful.

Well, in a nutshell:

  • Despite people screaming how 2016 was the worse year for them, well, I think it was the best year I’ve had and the year where I was able to fulfill more than what I bargained for.
  • I got a new job and it’s so bloody amazing. I’ve always thought gaming as a hobby and as an inspiration so when I started going full overdrive with design, it was my muse and it made designing so much fun.
  • Technically, higher pay begets a higher cost of living. I’ve managed to get things I’ve always wanted to buy. Figures, gaming peripherals, a new apartment, good food. It was worth it – to be broke, responsibly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 2016 was also the year korean webtoons came poppin’ out which I think was amazing. I’ve been following a bunch of Japanese doujins/mangas/series ever since time incarnate and the sudden appearance of Korean comics was such a delight. It introduced a fresh perspective, a new way of storytelling with dirty, mature content. (oooh yeahhh I like it dirtay) Also, they make to do with simple comic paneling and the subtle use of gradients (which is, mind you, really cool). I’ll be posting a bunch of these soon so watch out.
  • I’ve managed to finish 20% of my Steam backlog!
  • I was also able to stop myself from playing and spending so much in League of Legends…but I ended up getting sucked to the pit of despair called Heroes of the Storm.
  • ᕕ( ⁰ ▽ ⁰ )ᕗ

Full Speed Ahead!

As for this blog’s direction this new year… I started Yousoro!! early November. Out of a whim, I wanted to go back to blogging and believe me I enjoyed the journey especially the customizing and all that. Big fan of web design here. I haven’t really finalized the structure as well as the look and feel yet since you can’t customize the CSS with a free plan. :/ But we’ll get to that eventually.

Also, some of you might have noticed the “Neverending Backlog” section in my blog. I used to updated those and add games I planned on reviewing. I managed to follow some and leave some, and it took a toll in me so I’m cleaning them out. I figure that I should not stretch it to more than three this month. Realistically speaking, that number is what I know I can achieve as of now since I write tad bit slower than the rest (and I have to take care of my other portfolio too). I should compromise. Take it easy, nice and slow.

But! I’ll do my best to stick with this conviction and be a bit more pro-active in this community. Expect some certain ‘aggressive’ as I’ll start studying up styles and writing approaches.




There’s not much left to say anymore, so I just want to say thank you. Thanks for sticking around and noticing me, senpais! Here’s to another year!



13 thoughts on “Year End Wrap-Up: All I Want for 2017 is You!

  1. I’m glad you had such a great 2016. Let’s make 2017 amazing, toooo

    Still trying to read through posts like I said in twitter wahaha I’m going to be so dead at work.

    Take your time for your posts! We’ll be here patiently waiting c:


    • It’s so great to see other people who read webtoons! I’m more into GL Webtoons. I’m currently reading Almost Human, Love Doctor, WDTFS, Pulse (to name a few).

      I’m technically checking out new releases in Lezhin and spending quite a lot for this haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am sorry, that is annoying. My favorite genre isn’t romance, but I do enjoy plenty from that section. I tend to like dramas more. (In the English version, there’s a lot of dramas.) the only other Webtoon I know of that had GL is ShootAround, it’s a zombie apocalypse comedy. Some of my personal favorites are: Dr. Frost, Annarasumanara, Space Boy, Saphie the one Eyed Cat, S.I.D, Gepetto, Hooky, and many more. That’s what I would recommend! Any others you like?


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