Tongue-tied for love? The Love Doctor Webtoon Review


It’s a full-load of compromising.


Have you ever been in love? Or faced the complication of being in a relationship?

Jung Erae has no clue about relationships and men to the point where she drives every man away. Desperate, she seeks help and ends up contacting a love doctor, Cha Yoon. Strangely enough, Erae starts developing newfound feelings for this so-called doctor.

Status: On Going
Author: Chamsae
Artist: Bansook


I just realized that you don’t call this type of comic as “manwha” but rather, they’re called “webtoons” by the majority. Jesus christ, my mind just blew in epic proportions. I originally thought webtoons was, uh…another term for cartoons that you can watch online.

Maengune, explain this crap at once! What is a webtoon?

To educate the uneducated (like me), after a few digging and hours of reading in this certain genre, let me just describe this in layman’s term.

Basically, webtoon is a term used to describe Korean webcomics that are published online. It was made popular by the company Naver (LINE Webtoons). If you’re familiar with manwha (the KR equivalent of JP mango), you can view it as a modern or simpler take of comic paneling. It uses a vertical scrolling style where readers will use the swipe – scroll down gesture to jump from panel to another. Also, webtoons are mobile friendly so it’s easy to read them on your phone.




The cycle of being single since birth.

I’ve been following this webtoon ever since Lezhin EN made the first two chapters free to read which was around June, I think. I admit this isn’t my very first webtoon exposure (I’ll write a review about that one soon) but it is my favorite so far.

The plot is basically already in the summary. The Love Doctor isn’t anything too serious. It’s quite light, hilarious and downright entertaining. It follows Jung Erae’s (kinda complicated) college life and her desire to get help after finding out that she has this tendency to lead almost all of her suitors into thinking that she likes them back. She does like them, but it’s not romantic and that kinda sucks aaand now they all hate her. RIP

So, enter hotline number 911-HELP-ME-WITH-LOVE-PLX doctor, Cha Yoon. A relationship consultant with worldwide acclaim. No scam there (and she’ll even give you a refund). Yoon is a gorgeous blonde with brown eyes and a tall frame. She poses as a mysterious figure at first but she’s good natured and helps Erae (her first female client) with her unusual predicament in the form of dating lessons.





Guess who got starstruck at first meet?

I think we’re all pretty much used to a straight-forward type of romance, and what hooked me with TLD is the dynamic between these two main characters. We have one oblivious to the point of no return, and the other one that acts (and looks) like an experienced chum. There’s bound to be humor and drama in that pairing, no? The Love Doctor delivers that mix quite well.

Plot twist: They are both oblivious to what a real relationship is.

Each episode of the comic dedicates a certain time for these two to slowly get to know each other. Erae juggles her hectic college life with her best friend and her apparent attraction to the love doctor; Yoon, in her end, handles her job as a consultant and the past of hers which is slowly creeping back in her life. The slow build up and the shy, awkward flirting between them is so cute to read. The artist, Bansook totally nails the comic with the colorful approach. If there’s one thing I really like with some webtoons is that they’re crazy in love with using gradients in their art. They’re subtle but they give a really powerful emphasis on the overall look and feel of each panel (and they don’t look boring to the eyes especially if you’re used with simple tones of flat colors) Although the proportions may look a bit jarring especially with the sharp lines and corners, it makes up for having its own distinct “style” that you’ll get accustomed and love the more you read the webtoon.

I personally love Cha Yoon’s design. The sharpness of the art makes her so much more flirtatious and adds a bit more flavor to her personality.




It’s bad for my heart that they already started flirting so early.


Three words: Read this now! No ragrets! Go, go, go!

Everything is just amazeballs in this comic. Erae herself is already an interesting character. I remembered my college years and was able to relate to her predicament (as much as it pains me). I mean, we all went to this stage, right? Oh christ, please tell me I’m not the only one.

You can read The Love Doctor in Lezhin which currently has 31 chapters of the series. Lezhin updates their stuff on a weekly basis so you’ll have something to look forward to every week. The first two chapters are free while the rest are unlockable by coins which can be purchased on their website.

14 coins = $3.99!

As I’ve said, no ragrets.



Baka-Updates: The Love Doctor
Lezhin EN:  Read Here


Story – 8/10
Characters – 810
Art – 8/10
What subtext? This is YURI! – 9999/10
Yousoro! Level – 100/10


3 thoughts on “Tongue-tied for love? The Love Doctor Webtoon Review

  1. Ohhh I was expecting something more raunchy but I like the sound of this webtoon.
    (I’m a pleb too. Thanks for explaining).
    The art looks really cute! I’ll have to give it a shot since it has your approval!
    Those men with poor taste. How dare they not embrace yuri!
    (I think a lot of us has experienced the situation described in the webtoon before. Or at least they can relate. I know I have. Unless if you’re someone who’s got it all like a damn riajuu, I guess).
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be warmly waiting for your post about your first webtoon experience!

    Liked by 1 person

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