Full speed ahead! Ready your wallets for a You nendoroid!

Product Name: Nendoroid You Watanabe
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Release Date: May 2017

(Information / Images are taken from the Goodsmile website)


From the anime series Love Live! Sunshine!! comes a Nendoroid of the Aqours member You Watanabe wearing her outfit from the song “Aozora Jumping Heart”! She comes with both a standard expression as well as a playful winking expression with a big smile that shows her teeth, and she also comes with glasses parts which can be worn for a quick change of style!

A selection of different parts are also included which allow you to pose her in different dance poses from the opening theme of the anime series! Be sure to enjoy her together with the other members of Aqours! ♪  (Source Link)

So the moment I saw this glorious news in my email, I was ecstatic and that’s an exaggeration already since I stopped buying figures and Nendoroid a long time ago.

It would be weird if I don’t buy this, right? I mean, my blog is You inspired overall so it makes sense to cash up that hard earned money and pre-order this stat. It won’t count as an impulse buying, right? Right???

And I am an LL convert soIdunnoanymore. I raise my arms and welcome myself to Idol hell. The fires of this hell is amazing!


tfw you see something you want to buy


tfw you realize that you have no cash

By the way, this Nendoroid is inspired by the AQOURS’ costume in the opening of LLSS!! called “Aozora Jumping Heart!”. To make the purchase even more worth it, GSC has included glasses parts! I already died after reading that.

Y O U  G L A S S E S  M O E !



Kahotan wrote an awesome feature about this one so if you’re planning on pre-ordering, you should totally check his website to see more angles of the Nendoroid and how adorable it really is!

Kahotan’s Blog

Where to buy?

Goodsmile Shop
Ami Ami
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Hobby Link Japan


3 thoughts on “Full speed ahead! Ready your wallets for a You nendoroid!

  1. Yeah, you gotta get it! Megane moe! Just think of it as an early Christmas gift for yourself! Or an early “I-got-though-2016” present!

    (Guess you had better save up if you’re committed. Don’t go overboard and make a purchase that’ll force You to eat cup ramen for weeks, though)

    Liked by 1 person

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