Do it for Baehee! – A Mystic Messenger Review


Date hot guys, you say? I only see that gorgeous being standing in the middle.

This will not be a full review of the game, but simply a quick write up of my experience playing Mystic Messenger, and how it somehow ruined my life for 11 days.

Oh, I’ve managed to get out of the hot boys hell in case you feel like asking.

If you’re not familiar with the game, Mystic Messenger (also known as Susanghan Messenger) is a surprisingly unique otome game made by Cheritz. You play a character who downloaded an app from some mysterious source, and an “Unknown” person conveniently contacts you afterward and instructs you to visit an address…

…and it turns out that your character just ninja’d her way through the secret chatroom of the RFA (aka. Rika’s Fundraising Assoc.); a group full of hot people with serious personality issues. I’m not kidding.


I still cannot see the hot guys…?

The game basically uses an interactive “app interface” where you, as the player, can experience the story by chatting with the other members which will help you learn about their specific background and struggles, and building a relationship with one of them in the process. As it goes with the premise of using an app messenger, phone related functions like text, call and email are available to gloss the user experience. Mystic Messenger’s story can branch in two routes: casual and deep. The game will force you to start with casual, because prematurely unlocking the deep route will cost real money (or HG. Hourglass game currency). Both routes start with the same prologue. Three characters are available to romance in the casual route, while you can only go so deep (cough) with the remaining two characters in the deep route.

If you want to experience the wholeness and dive more into the plot (wait, it actually has a plot?), you have to tackle both routes. As far as I know, the true or best ending can only be read in the deep route.




Okay, so before you start pointing those pitchforks at me, I should start by saying that I’ve only played the game for Jaehee Kang. Yes, you heard me. Only for Jaehee aka. Precious cinammon bun too pure for this world so I won’t dive into the other characters if that’s what you’re expecting from this post.

Bae mode: ON and ON. It doesn’t turn off.

I thought it would be a mistake to dive in MM hell, but after a few friends nudging me to play the game (and a lot of “there’s gaaaaaay here so play it beach lmao”) and as much I don’t really fancy otome games, I succumbed to the temptation of playing Mystic Messenger. It wasn’t a mistake at all.


So, who exactly is Jaehee Kang and why are some fans really thirsty for her (like yours truly)?

Jaehee is one of main members of the RFA. She is the long-standing assistant of the rich, and pretty boy Jumin Han, who is also another member of the association. Her image is the stark contrast of the other RFA members: smart suit, glasses, and black heels; the almost full package of an accomplished business woman and she manages to work that role pretty well.

She is known to be cautious, organized and responsible with her job. Because of this, she tends to get overworked and saddled by additional sidelines (no thanks to Mr. Han) that getting vacation is something she desires. I should mention that she is sometimes tasked by Jumin to take care of his cat, which literally drives her mad because taking care of cat hair (or C-Hair) is just the worse. And I’m speaking as a cat owner here.


Mrs. Kang in a nutshell.

“So, okay? Typical serious character. What’s the catch, bro?”

Clam your horses. She may not look like it, but Jaehee isn’t really what she acts to be the more you get to know her. While she doesn’t have the extreme wit of 707 or a cheery personality of Yoosung, she has her own sense of humor that makes her even more adorable. She acts as the “straight man” for all the bullshit jokes you will ever encounter in the game. She’s also a big fan of Zen and his musicals and does not shy away from fangirling if given the opportunity.


One scene where Jaehee’s close to facepalming herself out of Earth

Anyway, if you take Jaehee’s route, which is, mind you, FULL OF FEELS AND OH MY GOD PLEASE LOVE ME moments, you will act as a sort of guide to her ever-busy life and the BFF that she lacks in the company of men. In a typical otome game fashion, your character will befriend the no-nonsense woman until you finally chisel her cold heart, eventually learning her past and why she thinks love is no more than a past time. Near the end of her route, you’ll learn about her depressing adult working life that is literally killing her.

(Called it creepy because being in the workforce with all the day to day stress is not a joke to laugh about).

As much as her route is written pretty nicely, people tend to hate her existence as she deeply glosses over Zen who is a fan favorite among Mystic Messenger players. If you go for Zen’s route, she is the living cock block incarnate in the game. But, as I mentioned earlier, this game has serious character personality problems and in her defense, she simply doesn’t want any scandal to harm Zen’s career. I never saw her meddling as something inclined with the notion to form a romantic relationship with the pretty boy.

Jaehee is simply a sweet, awkward caring nugget.

You guys should chill. Seriously.

#1 – She’s still sweet even though she broke the fourth wall…

After a few sleepless days, I tried to endeavor to get all the chats and calls that involves Jaehee. Oh, yes. The chat in Mystic Messenger activates within a specific time so you’re bound to miss some chat if you do not pay attention to the game’s schedule (Alarms are your best friends in this game!) If you somehow miss important conversation with your character route, you’re bound to reach a bad end. Although, Cheritz gives you the ability to access missed chats by using the hourglass currency.

I believe there’s a certain thrill about this game that feels like you’re waiting for a text or call from a real boyfriend/girlfriend. Not that we’re complaining.

Frankly, the only thing that disappointed me during my play through is the fact that Cheritz censored the prospect of being romantically involved with her. Jaehee describes her feelings for the main character in a vague way. Replies from the MC sometimes borders from caring to downright flirtatious. I’m not sure goggles will be needed to fish for yuri because the subtext between these two women are so damn obvious it hurts that it’s not romantically canon.

MC: “The two of them? Jaehee’s mine… No.”

MC: “I want to see Jaehee…“

MC: I’m always happy from every gesture that you make. >///<

Jaehee: That’s what I wanted to tell you. I thought I was the only one…

One of her phone calls. Jaehee’s voice is really pleasant to listen to.


I think I mentioned somewhere that this was supposed to be a short write up… oh well…

To sum it up, Mystic Messenger is a really fun otome game and deserves a try. It pleases its players with its unique concept while retaining that visual novel aesthetics that we are all used to. The game has a quirky character roster that people can relate with. Tackling one route is one roller coaster of feelings as reading and waiting for your target affection to text/call/chat with you.

The game is a bit bumpy in the UI side since the game occasionally loads like a drunk turtle, but the overall experience that this game will deliver is top notch.

If you don’t fancy any of the men (which is unlikely because they’re all adorable dorks), you can play the game for Jaehee Kang. She is totally worth it.

SHE ACTUALLY PROPOSED. Fuck, Cheritz, why must you play with my feelings?

Mystic Messenger OP

Official Site
Download in Google Play
Download in Apple Store

Here’s an extra something: Petition for a Gayhee route


Writing – 8/10 (I haven’t played the deep route but the casual interactions are great!)
Characters -9/10
Music/Visuals – 7/10
Gayhee Level – 1000/10
Yousoro! Level – 8/10






5 thoughts on “Do it for Baehee! – A Mystic Messenger Review

  1. I’ve seen some posts about MM, but they never mention Jaehee. She sounds great. They are missing out.

    It sucks that they kept her feelings for the player character vague, though. I guess yuri love is too controversial!

    Yes to Baehee route! Cheritz better wake up and do it.

    Thanks for sharing! The post was funny as usual!


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