All aboard the ship!

(…and I mean that in a lot of ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Welcome to my multifandom blog. My name is Maengune (pronounced as ‘mayn-gun’), and I’ll be steering the ship that will sail you to various fandom.

So what’s the catch?

– There will be yuri. Lots of it.
– You’ll be reading a bunch of extensive manga, doujinshi, game, and anime reviews. It can be a popular series or a really old one that needs a fresh spotlight.
– Clever entertainment that I hope your heart is ready for.
– A bundle of memes and shiptoasts.
– Did I mention yuri?
– Intense fangirling that you can hopefully relate to.

I won’t promise that this place will be spoiler free, but I’ll do my fair share and give a warning before a post.

Enjoy your stay!


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